It’s Christmas Tree Time!

Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This weekend the J Family put up our Christmas tree. Honestly, I was beginning to feel a little behind with the festivities this year what with all the bloomin shops having Christmas stuff up since September – it’s somewhat unsettling.

Anyhoo, putting up the tree is one of my favourite Christmassy things to do and it can only be done in our house with the obligatory festive soundtrack (a tradition which was started by my Dad when I was little though he was less Michael Buble, more The Pogues). Throw some yummy nibbles into the mix and I’m one happy bunny … or should it be reindeer?!

Putting up the tree takes forever in our house. Well, that’s actually not 100% true. The tree goes up relatively quickly but every year I take great delight in unwrapping my prized collection of tree baubles. Each one tells a story – it’s either from someone special, marks an occassion or I’ve picked it up on our travels throughout the years.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than sorting through them and thinking of all the lovely people and places that have contributed to our tree. I have a beautiful (who knows how old) heart decoration which I adore as it’s from my Gran’s tree and I love the red Sydney bauble I was sent when one of my best friends moved there. Some baubles mark special occasions like the Disney ‘Just Married’ one we bought on our honeymoon or Wonderboy’s 1st Christmas decorations. I have glass icicles from when we got engaged in Lapland and a lovely ‘Home Sweet Home’ bauble my Mum gave us when Mr J and I moved in together. I even have a snowman decoration my friend and I bought for our first flat when we moved out of home.

Other baubles celebrate our travels, most notably a tram car from San Francisco, a cheesy Sandals wreath from Antigua and even a little wooden Santa sack from the Scottish island of Mull. Anywhere we go, find me a Christmas shop and I’ll meet you in a couple of hours!

Christmas Tree Decorations

As you can imagine, I’m pretty particular about who touches my baubles (!!) and where they go on the tree but, with an excited 3 year old around, I’m going to have to become less precious or risk tree decorating being a Mummy only sport. So, on Saturday I unclenched and encouraged Wonderboy to help us decorate the tree – baubles and all.

While Mr Snowman did end up in Christmas Bauble A&E with a broken nose, I am pleased to report all other decorations arrived at their tree destination unscathed by the enthusiasm of our pre-schooler!

Is your tree up yet?


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