Santa’s Woodland Experience

Santa's Woodland Experience

In our quest to find some Christmas magic this weekend, the J Family went to visit Santa … like properly … in his log cabin in the woods. What a Christmassy adventure!

For those not in the know, Santa is currently taking a break in the Christmas tree forest at North Ballochruin Farm so he can rest up for the big day. We were lucky enough to go and meet him when we visited the farm for Santa’s Woodland Experience.

I’m going to just cut to the chase … it was fabulous!

Our visit started when a cheery elf collected us from the barn where we were staying cosy (with the help of some tea and homemade shortbread which, I have no doubt, was the work of Mrs Claus herself). The lovely elf was full of fun and festive frolics and thoroughly enchanted Wonderboy as she consulted her notes to give each child their ‘Elf Name’ – Wonderboy was declared to be Joyous Peppermint which he was delighted with.

Elf Playground

The Elf Playground

We hopped onto the Christmas tractor (well, trailer attached to a tractor) and started our journey through the Christmas tree forest. Luckily for us there had been a light dusting of snow which made it all the more pretty but, with fairy lights everywhere, it would still have been beautiful in the dark. We were taken past the baby Christmas trees, took part in a bit of robin spotting and even had the pleasure of driving past the elf playground.

Santa's Woodland Experience

Walking to Santa’s House

Finally, our elf dropped us off at the beginning of a path through the trees which was marked by a huge, old fashioned lamp post – I swear if there had been more snow I would’ve completely believed we were on the way to Narnia. We were told to follow the path to Santa’s house and my goodness, it did not disappoint! There, in the middle of the Christmas tree forest, was a log cabin with a sleigh parked outside … there was even a pair of giant Santa boxer shorts hanging on a washing line!

Santa's House

Lucky for us, Santa was at home!

The children rang the bell and who should answer the door but the man in the red coat himself! To squeals of delight we were invited inside where Santa gathered everyone round to find out what they would like for Christmas. After helping him tidy up some stray toys courtesy of the messy elves, each child was allowed to keep one as a gift. I thought this was a particularly good idea since it meant each kiddie got something they actually liked.

Inside Santa's House

Inside Santa’s House

Finally, Santa cast a magic spell so when we opened the door to leave … it was snowing!! After a quick photo opportunity, we were climbing back onto our trailer to start our journey home but not before a cheeky goodbye chocolate, a Merry Christmas and copious amounts of bell ringing.

Back at the car, Wonderboy announced it had all been a ‘great adventure’. I couldn’t agree more. We might have been 2,347 miles from the North Pole, but we most definitely found a little piece of Christmas magic.

For more info check out Santa’s Woodland Experience or drop the elves an email –

Please note – this is not a sponsored post.


    • 2

      Lorna says

      It was brilliant Katie. First year they did it and think they were overwhelmed with the response – completely sold out! Hope you manage to find a Santa near you x

  1. 3

    Cat says

    I agree Santas woodland experience is fabulous! We went at night and it was magical with the path to santas house lit up with lights, the anticipation as the kids rang santas doorbell was amazing!

    • 4

      Lorna says

      I know Cat – it was so exciting wasn’t it?! We’re planning on going again next year (assuming they do it again) so we’ll maybe go in the dark to enjoy the lights more. Happy holidays x

  2. 5

    marie cully says

    It took me 5 years to get a spot at night and it was magical I would recommend it to anyone as I had just as much fun as my wee girls who is 8 and was being sceptical about Christmas and they brought it all back I’m hoping to go back next year and take the extended family each present is individual with there name on it I was so pleased the a staff was friendly and helpful will definitely be back even 8 believed thank you for keeping the Christmas spirit going x

  3. 7

    claire Harrold says

    Myself, Niece & my super excited daughter Nicole we t 29th Nov, it truly was a well organised event… we all loved it. I went to Lapland 10yrs ago it was traditional ,classy & magical. .. never in Britain have I been to anything close BUT it was magical, I had a tear in my eye as I watched the excitement in precious girl eyes (we waited a long time for her) & to give her memories like today will stay in my heart forever. ..

    • 8

      Lorna says

      Aw Claire, I’ve got a lump in my throat reading your lovely comment. I completely agree and understand – my eyes have leaked constantly over the festive period as I’ve mentioned here . It’s such a special time of year for little ones and I hope you’ve enjoyed every minute x

  4. 9

    Sylvia says

    i have already posted a comment on FB and couldn’t agree more about the magical Christmas experience. Adults loved it as much as children. We will definitely be back next year xx

  5. 11

    rachael cumming says

    we came down with our 2 little ones and omg it was amazing so friendly couldnt have doen enough for us santa was brilliant my we girl does sighn launguage and santa was managing 2 sighn with her a bit amazing the elf village was brilliant and santas house well whatcan i say it was beautiful we will def be booking asap for next year x x x thankyou for making santas visit so special x x x

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