Bathtime Buddies

Photo of bathtime letter set spelling - Bathtime Fun with h&a and Wonderboy


We love bathtime! Ever since Wonderboy was a tiny baby it’s been an opportunity for Daddy to spend some quality time with him after work as well as acting as the cue that bedtime is on its way. Wonderboy has always loved (and I mean LOVED) his bath – no tears or tantrums in this house when you hear, ‘Bath’s ready!’ being bellowed from upstairs. Or at least that WAS the case until Santa brought new toys which appear to be far more interesting than splashing in the bath and getting your hair washed. ‘I’m too busy’ seems to be the automatic response to bathtime now – aargh!


Photo of box with alphabet letter set


So, as you can imagine, we were super excited to be sent an H&A Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set to review as part of the Bathtime Fun Squad Ambassador project with Tots100. I had high hopes that a new tub toy would be enough to lure Wonderboy up the stairs to the bathroom in an attempt to regain our enthusiastic, fun bathtime.


Playing with Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Letter Set


The set includes 65 colourful foam letters which, when wet, stick to the sides of the bath. I’d imagine an older child would have lots of fun spelling out words but since Wonderboy is only 3yrs old I did question whether he’d get much out of them. Well, he did indeed! He spent ages counting them, pointing out letters he recognised and sorting them into colour groups before sticking them on the bath. What a hit! He was completely captured by the idea that they could stick without glue and now refers to them as the ‘Magic Letters’!


Photo of child pointing to letter set


I was particularly impressed that there were enough of the popular letters. We have magnetic letters for the fridge door and there never seems to be enough duplicates to spell out words or names. Not the case here!

The Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set comes in its own box so it can be tidied away and the lid has drainage holes so the letters can dry out, hopefully avoiding that horrible black gunk tub toys usually succumb to. Wonderboy actually enjoyed using the lid to create a ‘waterfall’ in the bath. How imaginative! He’s a bit obsessed with the film ‘Elf’ at the moment (thank you, Christmas) and he loves pretending it’s an elf shower – I have no doubt his Oscar is in the post.


Elf Shower


So, a big thumbs up for the H&A Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set from Wonderboy. No bathtime arguments or delay tactics experienced since the ‘Magic Letters’ arrived so an equally big thumbs up from Mummy!

We would love to be part of the Bathtime Fun Squad – bring on the bubbles!


We were sent an H&A Alphabet Set in order to write this review however all opinions and words are my own.


Child pointing at alphabet letter set



  1. 1


    I’ve been thinking about getting Archie some of these letters, how do they store? Do they go all funny being stored wet or do they dry out ok? I’m just a bit wary of anything that might absorb the water so interested in what these ones are like. Thanks x

    • 2

      Lorna says

      We’ve really enjoyed them Toni. While they are foam they don’t seem to absorb the water at all – they float on the top as opposed to a foam sponge which would absorb the water and sink. My friend has had a set for a year or so and while the colour has faded slightly, they’ve not disintegrated or got mildew or black mould dots on them. We’ve only had them a week or so and twice I’ve forgotten to box them up so they’ve just sat in the bath until the next night. They’ve been bone dry when I’ve checked them the next day so I’ve got high hopes! I saw them in Sainsbury’s around the £3 mark so probably worth a try if you think Archie would like them x

  2. 5


    I got these exact ones for Amelia for Christmas, I’m really impressed with them too. Like the way they store and like you said love they have extra’s of popular letters! Amelia isn’t quite old enough to start recognising the letters but she likes taking them in and out of the tub and tipping them everywhere, lol!! Thanks very much for linking up and hope to see you again #MummyMonday (co-host)

  3. 9


    Love the photos – Wonderboy looks like he is having a lot of fun with those letters. Am very tempted to go out and get some as Jessica would love these :-)

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