Dear Dog Walkers …

Hand written note to dog walkers

I’ve had enough. Absolutely, positively enough. It’s only February and already I (OK, my husband) has cleaned dog poo off my shoes three times, Wonderboy’s wellies once and one of our little friends fell in a particularly fragrant sample at the park the other day. Can you imagine what treats are in store for us […]

Weekend Fun

Box with activities inside

The weather so far this year has been awful here. And I mean awful. Biblical storms (seriously, one of the preschool mums lost part of her roof!) followed by what can only be described as an arctic blast – it was literally -6 in the sun the other day. While it has thankfully now mellowed a little, we’ve been cooped […]

8 Signs You Need a Date Night

8 Signs You Need A Date Night

  With only 10 days to go, the promised romance of Valentine’s Day sparkles on the calendar. Let’s be honest, realistically I’m talking a card and nice meal at home which may or may not be interrupted by a tiny voice on the baby monitor looking for just one more story. Such is the glamorous […]