8 Signs You Need a Date Night


8 Signs You Need A Date Night

With only 10 days to go, the promised romance of Valentine’s Day sparkles on the calendar. Let’s be honest, realistically I’m talking a card and nice meal at home which may or may not be interrupted by a tiny voice on the baby monitor looking for just one more story. Such is the glamorous life of being a parent, but do you remember date nights pre children? I do. They were a common occurrence and didn’t take military precision to organise – oh how times have changed!

It seems a disproportionately long time ago but I can remember when outfits were chosen because something was my favourite as opposed to going with whatever is clean(ish); a time when I’d happily spend a Saturday evening having a lovely bubble bath, giving my hair a good blow dry and taking half an hour to put on a full face of make-up before heading out for dinner, drinks and possibly, shock horror!, some dancing. Frankly, I’m not sure Mr J would even recognise me with decent make-up on – we’ve reached a stage where he’s pretty lucky if he comes home from work and I don’t look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

I seriously can’t remember the last time I went on a date with my husband. When there’s a house to run, work to go to, finances to organise and playdates to arrange, life gets in the way and we seem to go on the back burner. So on reflection, I’ve come up with 8 Signs You Need a Date Night. If any of this sounds familiar, read on … it might be time to call in the babysitters …


1. The last film you saw together at the cinema was Aladdin, and this was at the kids’ Saturday morning showing. In fact, after much discussion, neither if you remember seeing anything more recent than the first X-men film. Oh dear.

2. The last time you went to the theatre was to see the Singing Kettle.

3. The most exciting evening you’ve had recently was sharing a family bag of Thai Sweet Chilli crisps while watching CSI. (Is it just me or has Ted Danson become fanciable? Riiiiight … just me then.)

4. Your feet hurt at the thought of high heels.

5. You can’t remember the last restaurant you went to where the waitress didn’t bring crayons, stickers and a party hat to your table.

6. The only bag you use is large and practical enough to hold nappies, wipes, a full change of clothes, snacks and a random toy for distraction. I’m confident that my pretty bags from another life are covered in a layer of dust at the back of my cupboard (ditto for my beautiful, if impractical, shoes).

7. ‘Making an Effort’ equates to changing into your pj’s after 7.30pm.

8. The last party you went to involved the Hokey Cokey and while someone did end up being sick, it was from an overdose of ice cream and jelly as opposed to too many cocktails. Indeed the wildest thing that happened was that they served regular orange squash as opposed to sugar free.


It’s a grim state of affairs. Note to self … must, must, must get out more.

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    • 2

      Lorna says

      Ha ha Martyn! Got to say some quality me time would also be appreciated at the moment – I may well just take my little self on a date x

  1. 3


    Ha ha. We have our “Date Day” tomorrow for the first time in ages and so far I have no outfit, no bag that isn’t a changing bag and though I really really want to wear heels I know they will kill walking around London. Your post is perfect for me ;)

  2. 9


    haha, yes to all of those! I’ve been clearing out recently and found a clutch bag containing a concert ticket from summer 2013 – surely that can’t have been the last time I went out!? Aaargh! x

  3. 11


    Oh goodness, this is me and my hubby. Lack of willing babysitters means one or two date nights out a year if we are lucky! Am in desperate need of a night out with him though, judging by how much I was nodding along to this one! #briliantblogposts

  4. 13


    Ah, date night, a distant memory outside of the house.
    Hoping to get out on 14th, 1st time in nearly a yr!!
    We’ve “steak” night instead of date night at home as often as we can

    • 14

      Lorna says

      Great idea – I have a friend who does her dining room up like a restaurant a couple of times a year to have a nice meal with her husband. They even get dressed as though they’re going out. Fab idea x

  5. 17


    Ted Danson – not so much Cheers era but he’s sort of a bit nicer now he’s in CSI lol. We’re really blessed that Jaxon’s Godmother and grandparents are really hands on and so when we need a date night they will take turns to baby sit him. Our date night tends to be a Sunday lunch time while Our Sidekick sees his mum – that way we’re not trying to find something for him to do as well.

    • 18

      Lorna says

      Thankfully not just me then! No, not a fan of leather trouser / tight stonewash jeans Cheers Danson but he looks quite the distinguished gent now that he’s older methinks x

  6. 29


    Ha! All too familiar. My pre-baby glam bags were all hidden under my bed until recently. Then Tin Box Tot found them and they have become her play bags, covered in sticky finger marks and packed full of random items that I’l be searching for everywhere the next day! Great post and yes, I do need a date night! #MummyMonday

  7. 37


    Haha! Great post; laughed at the one about the heels! My feet were crying on new years eve when i spent the night out in heels!! Hope Valentines is getting you your date night this year!! Thanks for linking up #MummyMonday xx

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