Dear Dog Walkers …

Hand written note to dog walkers

I’ve had enough. Absolutely, positively enough. It’s only February and already I (OK, my husband) has cleaned dog poo off my shoes three times, Wonderboy’s wellies once and one of our little friends fell in a particularly fragrant sample at the park the other day. Can you imagine what treats are in store for us as the weather gets better and we’re out more?

Let me give you a flavour of last summer …

Down by the water throwing stones with Wonderboy and off he goes to find some sticks to add to our playful mix. Next thing I know my little boy is presenting me with a dried up turd – ‘This looks a good one, Mummy’. Dear Lord.

Later in the summer and we’re at the park in a special area specifically for little ones. Wonderboy is at the top of the slide as I proudly watch on only for a dog to run over, do its business at the bottom of the slide and run off! I’ve never moved so fast in my life and only just managed to scoop Wonderboy up in time as he careered towards a comedic splat! Nice.

Another stand out story involves a Daddy and son morning out, running and kicking the football. Hurrah for some time to myself! Alas, no sooner had it begun but my quality me-time was loudly interrupted by a crying Wonderboy and an equally distressed Mr J. Wonderboy’s lovely summer sandals were completely ruined by dog poo and his bare foot was covered in the stuff. The poor football didn’t escape the assault either.

Come on! This is a disgrace and absolutely nothing better than laziness and blatant disregard for other people. If you want to have a dog that’s great, but you need to pick up its mess. No excuses. Sure, dog bins can be in short supply or even overflowing, but that doesn’t mean you hang it on a nearby tree branch (no joke, I’ve actually seen this). Double wrap it, use it as a hand warmer on colder days, do what you like but take it home with you. If mummies can parcel up dirty nappies then dog owners can wrap up their pet’s offerings.

I obviously must highlight that I’m very aware that most dog owners / walkers are completely responsible folk and are equally irritated by lazy canine lovers. I have several doggie owning friends who are appalled by the state of their children’s shoes, or worse, their hands and, on occasion, their clothes!


While some of these stories might make you smile, there is definitely a more serious issue than adding to my washing pile. Dog poo can really harm children – it’s teaming with harmful bacteria including delights such as salmonella and e-coli not to mention the potential for various parasites. Eurrgh, just eurrgh.

So, dear dog walkers, please, please, please pick up your dog’s mess. I do not expect you to tip toe round my child’s poo as you walk into town, nor to I expect you to clean it off your dog’s paws – please have the same respect for me.

Seriously people, grab a bag and get your sh!t together!

N.B. No dogs were harmed in the writing of this post though several killer looks were drawn at lazy owners.


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    There are real issues with it around where I live….With it on the paths. I am always complaining to the council who will come and clean it up but won’t do much to stop it…..
    A while ago someone didn’t clean their dogs mess up right outside of my gate….I caught him & told him to pick it up and he said no so I threatened to follow him home and sh!t on his doorstep. A bit over the top but he cleaned it up. lol

    • 2

      Lorna says

      Woo hoo! Good for you, Kim! Such a shame as I do believe most dog owners are totally responsible and do tidy it up. Probably just the minority ruining it for the majority x

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    I definitely agree with you, it’s revolting, and drives me mad! I shouldn’t have to tell my children to be careful where they step everywhere we go! Mind you it’s cats as well around here, as there are so many!
    Stevie x

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    This is so true! We are having issues with delightful dog owners and their dog poop down our street. We have to walk across a grass verge to get to the car and last week or so it is FULL of dog poo! Its SO gross.

    I have had to get the boys to walk the long way round to the car and get in roadside instead. Drives me mad!!!

    Fab post


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