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Box with activities inside

The weather so far this year has been awful here. And I mean awful. Biblical storms (seriously, one of the preschool mums lost part of her roof!) followed by what can only be described as an arctic blast – it was literally -6 in the sun the other day. While it has thankfully now mellowed a little, we’ve been cooped up indoors far more than usual and quite honestly I’ve run out of inspiration. We’ve exhausted the play doh, if I have another imaginary tea party my bladder will burst and Wonderboy currently has 19 books out of the library. We’re getting desperate. Hurrah for the Weekend Box Club because this weekend’s entertainment came courtesy of this award winning start-up company.

The Weekend Box Club delivers children’s themed activity boxes to your door ready for some weekend creativity and fun – this can be done fortnightly or monthly, your choice. The boxes are perfect letterbox size so no trek to the post office to collect it if you’re out when the postie delivers. Wonderboy was super excited when the colourful box covered in friendly characters arrived and proceeded to excitedly open it.

The box we received was Aztec themed and I did wonder how this would translate for a 3yr old but the activities were completely enjoyable in themselves. I do think an older child would appreciate the theming more and I’m sure my nephews, who are 6 and 8, would enjoy the fun facts which were included.


Weekend Box - Activities


There are four activities in each box – ours included instructions and materials to make an Aztec Parrot, Pattern Prints, Mosaic Coaster and Aztec Hot Chocolate. What I really liked about the kits was that they included just enough ingredients and materials to complete the project. For example, little bags of powder paint or a teaspoon of spice mix means you’re not buying big packs of craft materials only to have loads leftover.


Weekend Box - Instructions


Wonderboy’s favourite activity was making the hot chocolate which actually was delicious. We received an email before the arrival of our box which listed any additional items we’d need. This included chocolate, milk and vanilla essence for the hot chocolate but these are things we had in the cupboard anyway. It was delicious and Wonderboy was extremely proud of his creation!


Weekend Box - Hot Choc


Included in the box are achievement stickers for when each activity is completed and Wonderboy took great delight in colouring in his certificate at the end.

We had great fun with the Weekend Box and the activities really did last us two weekends. If, like me, you’re not naturally creative when it comes to kids activities then all the hard work is done for you. These would even be fab to have on standby for rainy days.

The boxes are usually £7.50 each but you lucky blog readers can get a free one using the code LORNA235 – let me know how you get on with your box! Tweet me your creations @itsamummything or share on the Facebook page.

Disclosure – we were kindly sent a Weekend Box free of charge in order to review it howevever, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. 3


    Ooh, that sounds great! I’ve tried a free Toucan box before, which was great, but think I will have to try this too. O loves getting post, I imagine most 3 year olds do?! :-)

    • 7

      Lorna says

      It was good fun, Louise though I’d definitely say anything younger than Wonderboy (3.5yrs) might struggle a bit. He really enjoyed it though some of the details were a bit lost on him x

  2. 8


    Hi Lorna! Where’s our cake? Sorry, I’ll have Aztec hot chocolate instead of tea, please. lol
    We had the same box too and we love it! Andy and the gang are awesome aren’t they? x

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