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About MeHi there, I’m Lorna – welcome to my blog about life as a Mummy!

As a 30-something Mummy to an awesome three year old boy life is hectic, challenging and filled with Lego. This is my space to record our family’s adventures, share ideas and generally have something I can call my own!

It’s a bit difficult getting to know people when you can’t sit down with a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit, so in a bid to speed up the process, here are 10 things you didn’t know about me –

1. I’m a reality tv junkie – not of the X Factor, Big Brother, primetime variety but more of the Harley Street, Online Bride, Drag Queen at 16 ilk. My husband has found me on more than one occasion watching Obese: A Year to Save My Life with a chocolate bar in hand (please don’t judge!).

2. I love cooking – when I can get the time to enjoy it as opposed to hashing together midweek meals.

3. Since our little boy arrived, I’ve discovered a whole new love of the outdoors. That actually sounds a bit misleading as we’re not really cycling or camping folk but I do now, for the first time in my life, own a pair of walking shoes.

4. I fall distinctly short of being a domestic goddess. We do not live in a pig sty but the fact will always remain that I’d rather be playing, chatting, eating or reading than ironing and I’m usually a washing load behind.

5. I used to be a Marketing and Events Manager before putting it aside to be a full time Mummy. Surprisingly life isn’t too different in many respects – I still have a male boss who throws a hissy fit when things don’t go his way and office politics has nothing on the inner workings of a toddler group.

6. I love, love, love holidays with a passion that has not diminished now we have a little one in tow – sadly however our budget has.

7. I have a stationary fetish. There’s nothing like a new notepad or a pack of thank you notes to brighten my day.

8. I’m a list-maker. Life in our house would not be the same without them. Shopping lists, weekly to do lists, present ideas, lists for holiday packing – find me a topic and I’ll make you a list!

9. At not quite 5ft 1’ I’ve spent my whole life in killer heels, attempting to give the illusion of height and grace. I’ve given up – turns out you can’t run after a toddler or climb grassy banks in stilettos (though I did give it a royal try).

10. Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of year, always has been. Crank up the heating, get your pj’s on and dig into a big, fat selection box – bliss.

 So that’s me, I’d love to hear about you so why not use the Comments below to introduce yourself or drop me a message. Join me on Facebook or pop over to my Pinterest boards for some inspiration.

Thanks for dropping by and joining me as I stumble through life as a Mummy!



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    Love this, I struggled with my ‘about me’ page, trying to describe myself, but I like your list of random facts. I do love lists. And Christmas. And pretty stationary.

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    this made me laugh so much; like reading about myself on someone else’s blog. Very bizarre! I too am just she of 5ft 1 & threw out the first pair of killer heels just before Christmas. Broke my heart but I’m slowly coming to terms with the change in footwear… I got a pair of Timberlands for Christmas!

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