Dear Dog Walkers …

Hand written note to dog walkers

I’ve had enough. Absolutely, positively enough. It’s only February and already I (OK, my husband) has cleaned dog poo off my shoes three times, Wonderboy’s wellies once and one of our little friends fell in a particularly fragrant sample at the park the other day. Can you imagine what treats are in store for us […]

8 Signs You Need a Date Night

8 Signs You Need A Date Night

  With only 10 days to go, the promised romance of Valentine’s Day sparkles on the calendar. Let’s be honest, realistically I’m talking a card and nice meal at home which may or may not be interrupted by a tiny voice on the baby monitor looking for just one more story. Such is the glamorous […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Old Photos

After reaching the height of laziness and gluttony over the holidays, I decided to put my best foot forward yesterday and do something productive with the time Wonderboy was in pre school. You know those things on your ‘to do’ list that constantly get put off and never actually get done? Well, I have a million […]

New Year, New Approach

New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, as we begin 2015 we’re encouraged to take some time to have a good look in the mirror and decide what we’re going to change about our lives in the eternal quest for self improvement. Urgh. Honestly, to me this just sounds like setting myself up for […]



I think there might be something wrong with my eyes. For the past few days, they have had a mind of their own, producing salty tears at the drop of a hat, or more appropriately, at the sound of a jingle bell. At 3 years old, Wonderboy could not be more excited about Christmas. He […]

It’s Christmas Tree Time!

Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This weekend the J Family put up our Christmas tree. Honestly, I was beginning to feel a little behind with the festivities this year what with all the bloomin shops having Christmas stuff up since September – it’s somewhat unsettling. Anyhoo, putting up the tree is one […]

The Christmas Tag

Christmas Tag

Being a newbie is a little daunting but my first foray into the world of blogging has gone better than expected. I’ve even managed to meet (is this the right word? Do you actually meet people online?) some very friendly bloggers on my social networking travels. So, in a bid to embrace all things blogging, […]

Trying To Let Go (just a little bit)

Letting Go

So I’m sitting here waiting for Wonderboy as he enters the world of pre school gymnastics and, frankly, I don’t think I like it. I’m passionate about little ones expanding their horizons, heck, it was me who looked into activities for him! Nevertheless, I’m not enjoying this whole ‘dropping them off’ malarkey. Starting pre school […]